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New Resin Technology New LED-UV Lamp Lithium ION Battery Look At It Now !

The 1st Anniversary
Maritim Hotel Frankfurt - September the 15th 2016

First WIZZIQ® Award Ceremony

Unveiling another WIZZIQ® innovation: The WIZZIQ® Heater

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Look At It Now !

The ultimate Laminated Glass repair Technology : WIZZIQ® !

In a continuous search for new technologies and developments to improve the quality and the efficiency in repair procedures, we present a completely new concept called WIZZIQ®.
This new technology is based on a newly developed repair resin in combination with a revolutionary LED-UV lamp that guarantees, together with a new pit fill resin, a new UV-film Mylar and a new polish paste a highly improved repair result within 90 seconds. As an upgrade to your actual injection system it saves a lot of valuable time!

WIZZIQ® Heater

The WIZZIQ® Heater is an innovative equipment that will offer you all advantages of the latest technologies.
The control of the heat is perfect and will make that a permanent temperature of 70°C will be achieved.

This temperature is obtained only after of few seconds of working.

By applying the WIZZIQ® Heater for only 30 seconds on the inner side of the glass, you will be able to improve the quality of even the most difficult repairs.
Its Lithium-Ion batteries give a potential of 50 uses without recharging and without loss of power. All this in a complete freedom

Look At It Now !

Brand New Technology !

Your Current Repair System And WIZZIQ® !

What is it all about ?

  • LED UV Lamp
    Latest Technology At Your Service !

    This new UV lamp based on the latest LED-light technologies: Offers long life and full capacity at constant intensity. Offers complete polymerization within 90 seconds. Designed to never wear out.

  • Repair Resin
    The Key Element

    The new repair resin, specially developed for the LED polymerization technique, meets today’s demands for an almost invisible windscreen repair within a very short time. Our acid-free resin penetrates quickly and completely into all types of damages (star breaks, bull-eyes, cracks etc.). Its high fluidity gives an improved clarity and an almost complete recovery of the optical appearance of the screen. Leading to an amazing result. Its high elongation and tensile strength restores the physical strength of the screen. Guaranteed no discoloration or shrinkage over time. Exceptional extended shelf life of 18 months.

  • LI-ION Battery
    Works Litterally Everywhere !

    A key feature of our LED-UV lamp is the Li-Ion battery pack (without load memory). Working completely independently and delivering 100% of power. Fully charged it has enough capacity for at least 100 repairs. Equipped with a diagnostic LED and tailor-made electronics completely controlling the lamp and managing the process.

  • Plastic UV Film, Pit Fill Resin, Polishing Paste
    The Final Touch to Perfection !

    The Pit Fil resin offers a resistance to the mechanical and chemical aggressions similar to what glass would offer. The UV-film with a thickness of 95 µm is pre-cut and is supplied as 100 individual sheets. The Blue Pit Polish makes for a brilliant result.

  • Starter Kit
    The Perfect Upgrade to your Repair System !

    WIZZIQ® is compatible with any injection system used. WIZZIQ® is supplied as astarting kit consisting of the LED-UV-lamp, one bottle of Repair resin (allowing up to 50 repairs), one bottle of Pit fill finishing resin, one bottle of Polish paste and a 100 package of UV films. WIZZIQ® components and consumables are all available separately.

  • Complete Kit
    An extraordinary added-value to any company in the repair industry !

    Our WIZZIQ® laminated glass repair system allows, even to not experienced technicians, perfect repairs in a quick and highly professional way. The WIZZIQ® laminated glass repair system is the perfect answer to your need of efficiency, easiness, reliability and profitability ! WIZZIQ® laminated glass repair system components and consumables are all available separately.

      Look At It Now !

An Impact ? Let's WIZZIQ® !

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O WIZZIQ é um avanço técnico considerável, só temos a ganhar com ele.

From Portugal

A luz de cura WIZZIQ presenta vantagens notórias e de facto e um melhoria muito considerável relativamente ao método que usávamos. O nível de penetração dos raios UV e de facto notório e com um simples teste. O tempo de cura com a luz de cura WIZZIQ é de 90 segundos relativamente com os 5 minutos da que usávamos antes (claro que aqui também se deve também a resina WIZZIQ). Outra grande vantagem e a bateria porque no terreno torna-se muito mais pratico!.

From Portugal

The WIZZIQ polish works extremely well, it comes in a small squeezey bottle: it makes it a lot easier to apply the polish to the repaired chip.
The WIZZIQ polish gives a good result without a lot of effort and is easy to polish from the glass.

From England

We congratulate WIZZIQ for this development!!!

From Germany

De lamp zonder kabel is dan weer superhandig en supersnel!

From Belgium

Des tests de rupture sur impacts réparés ont été menés et j'en ai cassé un sur les six ! Un des tests a été fait à 10° soit 2 degrés sous la limite actuelle et sans chauffer : Résultat très satisfaisant.
En plus, l'aspect visuel n'évolue pas avec le temps (pas de jaunissement).

From France

Door de hogere vloeibaarheid van de WIZZIQ hars lopen de breuken iets makkelijker en vlugger dicht. De WIZZIQ harde folie maakt het makkelijker om de hars te beheersen en de breuk te kunnen zien.

From Belgium

Ook de polish is door zijn nieuwe verpakking beter beheersbaar en makkelijker aan te brengen.

From Belgium

The idea of a cordless rechargeable UV lamp for carrying out repairs whether it is mobile or in a workshop is brilliant. It makes life so much easier not having to faff around with cables and takes out of the equation faulty vehicle power points or trying to decide which one is the 12volt socket on a lorry.

From England

The WIZZIQ UV sheets work great! As there is less chance of the wind blowing them off the chip and as they are slightly thicker they hold the resin on the glass and don’t tend to dip into the chip.

From England

The WIZZIQ rechargeable UV lamp works well especially as it gives a timed burst of UV light so this takes away the risk of timing the curing time.

From England

On voit avancer la résine à vue d'œil dans certains cas !!

From France

The WIZZIQ repair resin is good, it flows into the chips well and isn’t visible once the repair is completed.

From England

Com a resina da WIZZIQ noto que é mais fácil efectuar a reparação porque a resina flui melhor para dentro da quebra: consigo com menos “luta” menos “esforço” um bom resultado e consequentemente consigo efectuar uma reparação mais rápida.

From Portugal

The guys in our fitting station are very happy with the WIZZIQ. They think it’s really fast!

From Norway

A pelicula WIZZIQ é uma vantagem enorme: E prático eficaz, e limpo, a pelicula WIZZIQ é muito mais resistente, não detectei qualquer electricidade estática. Numa escala de 0 a 10 na melhoria de método e qualidade da pelicula eu dou a nota 20!

From Portugal

The WIZZIQ can be used in combination with all glass repair systems; we have tested it in combination with ours.
The WIZZIQ repair resin has excellent fluidity characteristics and penetrates very well in the damage. After curing the WIZZIQ pit fill can be scratched away very easily from the glass surface. The WIZZIQ polish gives good results, both in the manual as in the mechanical application. Based on the battery technique the UV-LED lamp can be used easier and with more flexibility.

From Germany



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