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10 Reasons why to use WizzIQ®

1/ Develop your business and get extra jobs

Fill your spare periods with additional work and leverage better you time. Thanks to a quick process of 8 to 15 minutes, you

2/ Create a better business image by offering more and better service

By offering more service your clients have less reasons to go somewhere else.


3/ Attract new targets

By offering Windscreen repairs you will become more interesting to clients who haven’t been interested in your core business until now.

4/ Accessible for everyone

Thanks to the easy online training, which is available 24/7, you can train yourself everywhere at anytime. Check our 5 minutes test training online by clicking here

5/ Get more contrast to your competition.

Offer more service and better quality than your competitor.

6/ Be on the safe side.

Thanks to a easy process and a detailed training you can become very soon a proffesional in the glass repair business. Also by WizzIQ® you work with certified tools on the highest level of techonology and quality

certified-43R-by-TUV-Rheinland-wizziq wizziq-certified-duurzaam-repareren


7/ A very profitable and reliable Technology

Glass Repair offers a high ROI. And thanks to the reliable technology you can perform repairs for a very long time.

8/ Strengthen the relationship with your clients and gain trust.

By providing more competence through trainings and certificates.

9/ Have a clear conscious

On one hand thanks to ecological chemicals and long lasting & energy saving products during the process. On the other hand by supporting the environment by preventing unnecessary replacements of the glass through reparing it.

10/ Save money and time autonomy in your own company

By being able to repair your own fleet.

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