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9 Reasons why to use WIZZIQ�

1/ Increase the quality of your repairs and achieve more resistant and secured results!

As repairs made by WIZZIQ� are not shrinking, yellowing or falling out, even after years!
This proofs it the Homologation 43R, made by T�V Rheinland.

acid-free-ecological repair-resins-wizziq

2/ The Safe Use. Make sure that everyone who is performing repairs in your company, is protected:

Thanks to the acid-free recipe of the resin and the pitfil, our products are harmless to the technicians. Furthermore our tools are constructed with the highest security standards and enable a most secured process. One side-effect of the resin-free recipy: you can throw the bottles afterwards away in the house bin.

Also check out our tools, thanks to our WIZZIQ� Heater you can forget about the risky use of lighters, the Heater will provide you with 70� the perfect temperature for a perfect repair.

wizziq-heater-for glass-repair

3/ Save investing costs

As our System is compatible with other systems, you can combine it with your existing system.

other repair bridge
other repair bridge
other repair bridge

4/ Save labor costs

Thanks to the latest technologies, used by WIZZIQ�, the WIZZIQ� resin is polymerized with the WIZZIQ� Lamp in 90 secondes. Also the injection process is quicker and more reliable.

This leads to repairs, performed in average time with less then 15 min!

5/ Simple use

As much as necessary, as little as possible. We figured out that one good resin is more than enough to perform a perfect repair. Also our tools are constructed for an intuitive and easy use.

The WIZZIQ� lamps and the heater have only 1 button and are electronically controlled and secured! This gives no space for mistakes.

6/ Be independent in every situation

Mobile, ergonomic and balanced tools enpower you to perform repairs in every situation.

Doesn�t matter if you perform on a small passenger car in your own Workshop, or on the middle of the road in 3 meters height on a Bus glass.

7/ Reliable technology

All of our engeneered tools are provided with strong Li-ion battery (no memory effect with the capacity for 50-100 Repairs), and our Lamps are working on LED-Technology, which provides always 100% UV-light for years.

So, forget about replacements of lightbulbs and relaxe with the 3 Years waranty on the Lamps!

8/ Rely on resistance and Quality

Our products have a extended temperature resistance and a UV-protective packaging.

You can carry and use your WIZZIQ� System everywhere, doesn�t matter if in the middle of dessert or on the top of a snowy mountain.

9/ Increase your professional image

By using our innovative and professional tools, instead of compromising with obsolete techniques from the past generation


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