The WizzIQ® LED-UV lamps

As result of a long process of research, these UV lamps are inspired by the latest LED technology. The WIZZIQ® LED-UV lamp :

  • Provide great autonomy, even with prolonged use
  • Offer complete polymerization in just 90 seconds
  • Are designed to last

A key feature of our LED-UV lamps is the Li-Ion battery pack (without load memory). Working completely independently and delivering 100% of power.

Fully charged it has enough capacity for at least 50-100 repairs. Equipped with a diagnostic LED and tailor-made electronics, which completely control the lamps and manage the process.

The WIZZIQ® Heater

The WIZZIQ® Heater is a unique piece of equipment that will offer you all advantages of the latest technologies. The control of the heat is perfect and will make that a permanent temperature of 70°C will be achieved. This temperature is obtained only after a few seconds of operation.

  • By applying the WIZZIQ® Heater for 30 seconds against the impact, on the inside of the glazing, you considerably improve the quality of your most difficult repairs.
  • Its Lithium-ion battery gives it an autonomy of 50 uses without recharging and without loss of power. Wireless for greater freedom!

New repair resin technology

Our repair resin, specially developed for the LED polymerization technique, meets today’s demand for an almost invisible windscreen repair within a very short time.

This resin has a high tensile strength and a high level of elongation allowing the glazing to regain its initial strength!

Guaranteed no discoloration or shrinkage in time.

Exceptional shelf life of 18 months.


Ecologic and acid free


Suitable for all repair systems


UV resistant package


For all types of impact

WIZZIQ® and you !

other repair bridge
other repair bridge
other repair bridge



You already have an injection system ?


WITH RESIN FOR 40 to 50 repairs

You are satisfied with the injection system of your repair kit, so take advantage of the elements that make up the WIZZIQ® concept: our exceptional quality repair and finishing resins combined with our UV LED lamp allow you to polymerize in just 90 seconds. Add to this the convenient WIZZIQ® Heater, a wireless heating unit that improves the quality of the most difficult repairs.



Our Complete Kit, with everything you need for repairs


WITH RESIN FOR 32 to 48 repairs

You need a completely new repair system ?

Our IQREPAIRKIT contains everything you need for a high quality and fast repair.



You are used to do simultaneous repairs ?


WITH RESIN FOR 160 to 200 repairs

Your customers also consist of fleet car parks and car rental companies, where you often have to do several repairs simultaneously.

Then our IQREPAIRMUlTI is the perfect solution! This kit allows you to save time by reducing the average time needed for each repair, thanks to the 4 injections bridges.



You also repair cracks ?


WITH RESIN FOR 32 to 48 repairs

You also repair cracks? IQCRACKKIT provides you with the optimum equipment. Included in the kit the newly developed MULTI LED UV lamp, allows the curing of crack lenghts up to 20cm in the usual 90 seconds.

While the powerful lithium-ion battery provides the capacity for up to 50 repairs. IQCRACKKIT contains everything else you need for a successful repair, completed by our new elongated UV film, which is especially useful for crack repairs.

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